Find the perfect gift
at Chartwell

Each card comes with a luxury gift wallet



Looking for the perfect gift but not quite sure what to get?

Everyone loves a gift card and we have a range of options to suit any budget. Our gift cards start from $10 and are valid for 12 months. Chartwell Shopping Centre Gift Cards can be purchased 7 days a week from our Customer Services Desk using cash, EFTPOS and credit cards (Visa and MasterCard).

Which stores can I use the Chartwell Gift Card in?

Chartwell Gift Cards are valid at most retail stores at Chartwell Shopping Centre.

Please note: Countdown, Number 1 Shoes and Event Cinemas do not yet accept Gift Cards. Please check in-store before you purchase.
Does a Chartwell Gift Card expire?
A Chartwell Gift Card expires 12 months from the date of purchase.
Can I still use my Westfield Gift Card?

Chartwell no longer accept Westfield Gift Cards. Chartwell was able to accept Westfield Gift Cards for a transitionary 18 month period following the change of ownership that occurred in August 2016.

This period has now ended. For any enquiries regarding Westfield Gift Cards please contact the Westfield Gift Cards team on:

0800 937 834
09 978 4848

What does the Chartwell Gift Card come with?
Each Chartwell Gift Card comes with an attractive cardboard wallet.
How can I pay for a Chartwell Gift Card?
You can purchase in-centre using cash, EFTPOS or any major credit card.
Can I add more money onto a Chartwell Gift Card?
No. The Chartwell Gift Card can only be loaded with value once, at the time of purchase.
Can I get my money refunded?
Chartwell Gift Cards are not refundable. You should treat your Chartwell Gift Card as if it was cash.
Can I buy something that costs more or less than the value on my Chartwell Gift Card?
Your Chartwell Gift Card can be used repeatedly until the value of the Card has been used (or the Card has expired). For purchases greater than the remaining Card balance, participating retailers may accept supplemental forms of payment, but this is subject to the policies of the individual retailer. Please consult the participating retailer for more information.
Can I use more than one Chartwell Gift Card in a purchase?
Some retailers do allow using more than one payment type to pay for an item. Please check with the retailer at point of purchase, as acceptance is subject to the policies of the individual retailer.
Can I exchange my Chartwell Gift Card for cash?
No. The Chartwell Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash.
Can I withdraw money from my Chartwell Gift Card?
No. The Chartwell Gift Card can be used for making purchases only.
How do I know how much money is left on my Chartwell Gift Card?
The quickest and easiest way is to check your balance online. You can also visit the Customer Services Desk at Chartwell Shopping Centre.
Where can I find the PIN and card number?
Your PIN number is the 4-digit number that can be found underneath the scratch panel at the bottom left on the back of the Gift Card. Your Gift Card number is the 10-digit number—also on the back of your Card.
What do I do if I believe there is a mistake with my Chartwell Gift Card balance?
Simply call Chartwell on (07) 853 0500 or visit the Customer Services Desk at Chartwell shopping centre for assistance.
Can I check my Chartwell Gift Card balance in-store?
You cannot check your balance at individual retailers. However, balance enquiries can be made at the Chartwell Customer Services Desk.
What do I do if my Chartwell Gift Card is lost, stolen or damaged?

Unlike other cards, Chartwell Gift Cards can be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged. If you can provide the original Chartwell receipt (not the EFTPOS receipt), our Customer Services Team can cancel the lost, stolen or damaged Card and help you arrange for a replacement Card, subject to the Gift Card terms and conditions. Simply visit the Customer Services Desk at Chartwell Shopping Centre or call us on (07) 853 0507 Lost, stolen or damaged cards may take up to ten working days to be replaced. View Chartwell Gift Card Terms and Conditions here